Here at Chapman Robinson and Moore, we have developed an innovative and new way of accounting for our clients, to help them make their numbers work for their future success.

For over 30 years, we have been the go-to trusted advisers for our clients, supporting the start, development and exit of their own business. We can offer the standard accountancy, tax and audit services that you would expect from any good accountant. However, we pride ourselves on supporting our clients to make more profits, maximise cashflow and keep more of what they earn all tohelp them meet their personal and business goals.

A few years ago, we undertook some research with a group of accountants across the UK to establish the things the more successful businesses do every year without fail. The results indicated planning, measuring, evaluating, comparing, analysing and developing an improvement plan.

We were conscious that our business model needed to respect our expertise around traditional compliance, but add value with development of our advisory services. On reflection of the market, the space for the title of ‘Business Adviser’ is becoming more and more competitive with bankers, coaches, consultants, mentors and other professional services joining accountants in this trusted adviser role.

We therefore developed an outline programme of support, based on systemised performance measurement and improvement. We presented our thoughts to a selection of hand-picked customers and following these discussions, we developed our 8 Step Business Improvement Programme, which blends those things you have to do (file tax returns and accounts) with our advisory services.

We’ve used our skills with numbers, and the ideas of some of the world’s leading business thinkers and achievers, to develop a programme with a series of processes, systems and tools to help businesses like yours become even more successful.

Our 8 steps is a systemised flow that helps business owners to plan and forecast, manage cashflow, take control and measure performance, increase profits, compare against their industry, understand their valuation and consider business improvements with an identification of the numbers that drive their success factors.

This is an innovative way of providing accounting services, as other firms tend to offer primarily compliance services with some advice or advisory services that pick up the compliance work if required. From our research, we found that the immediate shift from compliance to advisory, by many other accountants, was often confusing for their client base.

We therefore committed to develop the Business Improvement Programme to help our clients with a combination of services rather than one or the other. This personalised approach is also a continual programme of year on year support that helps our clients to build their business, create a business that can operate without them, improve their profit margins and increase the bottom line whilst generating more time for the owners.

The focus on this programme has changed our business and our recent brand refresh has resulted in the 8 steps underpinning everything we do at Chapman Robinson and Moore with the strap line of ‘Making Your Numbers Work’. Firstly, understanding the numbers in your accounts, then identifying the real numbers that impact on your performance and ultimately helping find ways to improve.

The innovative approach has created a more enjoyable, collaborative approach, which is enjoyed by both our clients and our team. We have also invested in new Practice Management Software and advisory tools to help keep us at the leading edge of a blended accountancy and advisory provision.

The best evidence we can provide is in the words of our clients, which can be read at //

If you would like to know more or explore how the Business Improvement Programme can make a difference to your business, then please call us on 01865 379272

More information about our 8 steps is available by clicking here

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