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Management Buyouts

A Management buyout typically occurs when an established business is sold by the members to the existing management team. Recently this has become a common exit route for the owner manager who is willing (at a price!) to pass the business on to the people who have helped make the business a success.
If this appeals to you, there are a number of benefits, not only does it ensure the business continues as an independent company but should go some way to providing job security for staff.

A company that really cares about giving the best service at a reasonable cost rather than just taking your money.

The Management Buyout Process

Your existing management should be highly motivated and obviously knowledgeable about your business. It’s surprising how often the incumbent management team develop a new lease of life and quickly develop as a team to take ultimate responsibility and the business forward.

Occasionally the management team identifies a weakness in its skills, which can be filled by someone joining the management team from outside (a Management buy-in).

Chapman Robinson & Moore have advised many management teams through the MBO process assisting with the preparation of your business plan and forecasts, help secure the necessary finance (whether this be bank and/or venture capital), negotiating with the vendors and being the lead advisers driving the transaction to a successful completion.

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