Accountants for Health & Fitness

Helping You to Keep Your Business Fit

At Chapman Robinson & Moore, one of our specialisms is working with clients within the health and fitness sector.

Working with you to establish ways of making your numbers work and to allow our clients to keep more of what they earn.

Have you considered the following common business deductions:

  • Continuing professional development
  • Professional memberships
  • Use of home if maintain records there
  • Promotional expenses
  • Liability insurance
  • Exercise equipment
  • Car/fuel costs
  • Mobile phone costs
  • Clothing (NB this must be branded with the business’ logo to be deductible)
  • Accountancy fee

Some of our key tips:

  • Keep a clear and tidy diary – This will help to ensure that you only account for income for sessions actually completed.
  • Keep a box of business receipts – This may seem obvious but it will help to ensure that you account for all expenses incurred, including the little ones that may otherwise be forgotten.
  • Prepare books on a monthly basis – Links to the point above in that it should help to ensure that the little expenses are included. All these little items can significantly add up and help to reduce your tax bill.
  • Keep a mileage log – This will help to ensure that the maximum deduction is made in relation to travelling between clients.

So, why use Chapman Robinson & Moore as your accountants?

  • We understand your sector.
  • Some of our team have worked in the sector and are still involved on boards.
  • Trained to handle financial aspects of business.
  • Keeps up to date with the tax laws.

Talk to the team

How will you decide if we are right for you?

Could we help make your numbers work?

We invite you to meet with us and discuss how we can meet your personal requirements.


Watch our YouTube channel, Read our blogs or factsheets and download our 8 step workbook to learn how you can implement the 8 step principles.

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