Acquisition, Merger & Franchising

Franchise your Business

Our Consultants have had experience of setting up and managing franchised businesses before starting to advise business owners and Companies.

For over 30 years we have been advising businesses large and small in virtually every market sector how to expand through franchising. You can be assured we have the Consultants and experience to match your requirements.

How We Can Help

We encompass everything to do with helping you build your business using the principles and methods of Franchising.

It has been created and structured to meet the needs of the ever-changing face of business in the 21st Century and cater for a broad spectrum of businesses at differing stages of their development and marketing.

In particular:

  • Businesses with proven and profitable concepts
  • A Business concept capable of being replicated in other locations
  • Business owners who are ambitious to expand rapidly
  • Fast Track Entrepreneurs with exciting ‘new age’ concepts
  • Established businesses seeking to expand their geographical reach
  • Long-established Businesses with new concepts that require control and motivation that would be hard to find from employees
  • Established businesses that have ‘bolt-on’ opportunities to existing successful ventures
  • Established Franchisors wishing to maximise the effectiveness of the Franchise Networks
  • Companies with Distributors seeking to move into Franchising
  • To meet the needs of each of these differing business groups
  • Our consultants have developed a broad and comprehensive range of practical Interactive Consultancy Programmes, Document
  • Templates, Franchise Management Systems and access to Support Partners – all designed to help you turn your business into a successful franchise.

To find out how Chapman Robinson & Moore can help your business either call 01865 379272, or complete our contact form and we will contact you.

Why work with CRM

  1. A team with the balance of commercial awareness and the expert, technical knowledge you would expect to support your business.
  2. Highly recommended by our existing clients.
  3. Committed to Making Your Number Work for your success

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