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Business Improvement Workshops

Is it time to step back and work on the business?

Do you strive to have a business that is less reliant on you?

How would you like more time or more cash in your own pocket?

Surely these are some of the reasons you run your own business?

You may want more time or cash to invest in the business? You may want more of other important things in your life such as time with the family, hobbies and health?

If you are thinking Yes, then this series of workshops are designed for you.

As a result of attending this 6 month workshop and working on your business, you will have more time, profit and cash at your disposal, Guaranteed.

This workshop gives you all the practical tools you need to develop, improve and grow your business in a way that works for you and let’s you work as much – or as little – as you want.

You will gain support from our expert facilitators with practical advice, tools and strategic guidance.

Together we will work through those various areas in business that often present us with the greatest challenges.

A company that really cares about giving the best service at a reasonable cost rather than just taking your money.

We will help you achieve your business and personal goals, develop the business, improve your valuation and reach a better whole-life balance.

From our many years of experience working with start ups, growing businesses and successful owners, we have developed a programme that tackles the common challenges head-on, and are therefore delighted to offer you the opportunity to join our next Business Improvement Workshop.

Are you fully realising your business and personal potential?

The Business Improvement Workshop programme runs for a series of 6 monthly integrated sessions.
Each individual workshop session is four hours, with a group of like-minded, non-competing business owners. We will together:

  • Understand your true motivation for the business plus your vision, goals and objectives.
  • Focus on practical, tried-and-tested value adding techniques
  • Examine your individual business issues in depth
  • Help you develop individual solutions for the issues identified based on hundreds of tools and techniques we’ve researched and which other business owners have found to be successful
  • Understand the real numbers in your business. The financials and your key success drivers.
  • Further develop your leadership and management skills and create a fast-track to realising your business and personal potential
  • Benchmark your business against industry competitors and identify key areas for delivering fast and measurable improvements
  • Create a totally confidential forum where you can share understanding and gain support of fellow business owners
  • Ultimately, through the implementation of the ideas and tools, improve your business

These are workshops, not just seminar presentations, so each month we will together work on specific areas of your business and make a difference.

The workshop programme also includes telephone support between each meeting giving you the opportunity to discuss specific issues and also support the successful implementation of the business improvement concepts.

By working ON your business instead of IN your business you will see the effects – on your team, on your business, and on you personally.

Take control, and maximise your full opportunity to enjoy your success, both in business and in your whole life.

We are confident that this workshop will work for you. Therefore we offer an unconditional 100% money back guarantee to refund the fee of any session you are not completely delighted with.

To find out more, then please call us on 01865 379272 or complete our online enquiry form and we will contact you.

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We come highly recommended by our existing clients.

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