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Maximise profitability and cashflow by stopping the leaks

Thursday 18th October 2018 – 9am – Seminar

Never Seem to have the cash that your business deserves! Scrabbling around for cash each week or, dread the end of the month when all those wages and bills need paying.

Want to learn how to increase cashflow in your business, need to stop the cash leaking out of your business or just want to understand why your business never quite seems to have the cash you need when you need it.

This unique 6 step system for your business will help you improve your cashflow and help you stop the cashflow within your business, help you generate the cash in your business you need.

No Spreads sheets, no accounting speak, just simple methods to take away with you that you can implement today.

As anyone who has started their own business can attest, cash flow can be one of your biggest challenges and threats in any business. Even successful businesses can experience periods where cash flow is extremely tight, and they struggle to meet their monthly overheads. Keeping your cash under control and properly planned will not only ensure your business survives but will promote growth.

Seven out of ten small business owners cite cash flow problems as the biggest threat to their business. At best it will slow down or prevent growth, and it will almost certainly deflect the focus and attention of the business owner. At worst the business may run out of money and not survive.

Attend and get your unfair advantage over your competitor today. Improve your cashflow and make your business robust for the future.

This is a CRM sponsored seminar, that will be delivered by our partner, Cashflow Creators, Ian Roberts.

How using software is the Smart choice for your business

Tuesday 20th November 2018 – 8am – Seminar

With the advancement of technology and software, the way we do business is changing and becoming more digital every day.

Some of the change is a smart choice for most businesses, but other aspects are legislative changes for your compliance.

This seminar will provide you with an overview of some of the technology and software you can use to bring efficiencies and add profit to your business.

One example of change is Making Tax Digital for Business (MTDfB), the government’s policy to move ALL business-related tax reporting online for a modern, digital tax system. The objective is to make tax reporting more accurate, more reliable, and more efficient. The changes relating to MTDfB all start in April 2019, with the initial focus on VAT reporting.

As part of this seminar we will provide you with an overview of the expectations and what you need to comply with the expectations.

Agenda (subject to change):

  • Introduction
  • Making Tax Digital – An overview of the new VAT return submission requirements from April 2019
  • Xero & Sage Cloud accounting software – useful features to aid the simplicity of your financial record keeping
  • Other software to support the development of your business
  • SmartBusiness Dashboard by Barclays – an overview of how you can bring your online presence together

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This seminar is offered in partnership by Chapman Robinson & Moore accountants and Barclays Business Banking.

A programme of events to help you improve your business or gain new knowledge

We invite you to join our team and other ‘like minded’ business owners at our practical events, where you will;

  • Have the time to reflect and apply the content to your personal circumstances
  • Meet & network with other business owners whilst also learning from their success secrets
  • Discover practical solutions to key business problems
  • Gather practical business growth tools and resources and
  • Put time aside to create an action plan for building your business success

Each workshop provides you with valuable information and gives you time to think about your business and potential implementation. You will also be given ideas and tools that you can use immediately to make a difference in your business.


So do other business owners think it is a good use of their valuable time?

Previous events have focused on profit and cashflow improvement, time management, creating efficiency as well as designing and systemising a business for future success.

Titles have included:

‘Making the Numbers work’ – how to better understand and use the numbers in your accounts.
‘Planning your business success’
‘Effective marketing to boost your business’
‘Raising finance and wealth creation’
‘Systemising your business success’
‘Designing a business that gets the results you really want’

For more details and to book for our BBF events, please email us or call 01865 379272.

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