This month we will be running workshop 5 of 6 for the attendees of our Business Improvement Programme. The subject this month is Developing your team (internal and external).

For this workshop, we are again delighted to work with Mike Foster, who is an accredited provider of personality and behavioural analysis reports, using D.I.S.C. profiling via Thomas International. We again thank Thomas International for their support.

Our research shows us that the entrepreneurs that know more about themselves and how they can get the best from their team, usually see the best results. It is however sometimes the last focus of an entrepreneur, as they have other things to focus on such as marketing, finance, operations.

In this workshop we take a close look at the different behavioural styles of individuals and how the knowledge about an individuals work style and behaviour under pressure can help business owners develop their leadership and management style.

We use a tool to profile individual behavioural styles and to help our clients understand the strengths of their leaders, their style and importantly their compatibility with others in the team. DISC profiling looks are the following:

D – Drive
I – Influence
S – Steadiness
C – Compliance

So from a top level view, what value to your organisation does someone who has a High D, I, S or C profile provide?

A high D will provide the Drive to accomplish results in spite of opposition or antagonistic circumstances. A high I will bring the ability to influence people to act positively and favourably. A high S will deliver Steadiness in performing their work to consistently produce in a predictable manner and a high C will demonstrate Compliance with exacting standards to avoid error, trouble or danger.

As part of this workshop we will look closer at these behavioural styles and how we can use the knowledge to get the best from our people.

If you are an employer, then DISC profiling can also help you recruit, retain, develop and manage your people. We can provide you with an insight into your team, so you know, what motivates them, what are their core strengths and limitations, and what is their potential.
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