The pace of change in many industries today is driven by development in software and technology.

Some of the software benefits that were previously an expensive investment for a small businesses is now much more affordable. In addition, technological developments are enabling many different types of business to use the same technology but in different ways to benefit their business.

Many of our clients are now looking at software and technology to bring efficiencies and cost savings to their business.

Four example, we work with a number of businesses in one of our specialist areas of construction. We have seen more businesses use their bookkeeping software to scan expense receipts or raise invoices on an app whilst at the customers premise. In addition, the development and affordability of workflow software, such as Simpro, has brought efficiencies in terms of cost and time savings. In addition such management software, this is enabling our clients to keep on top of their administration, such as issuing quotes following up on enquiries and keeping their promises, due to a visibility of all their commitments and capacity.

Another sector we work closely with is the travel industry and developments with online booking systems, payment software and databasing has helped these businesses improve their administrative systems and improve their margin.

How do you keep up-to-date with the software and technology that may assist your business?

Are you aware of the software used by your competitors, or the technology available and proven in other businesses, that you could utilise in your business?

When was the last time you undertook such a review, as today’s options will be different to those that were available only yesterday.

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