January is supposedly the most depressing month of the year so naturally, our thoughts turn towards warmer and happier times to come – our summer holidays! Holidays are important – giving us something to look forward to, helping us to rest and recharge our batteries, keeping us fresh and motivated.


A good holiday is a considerable investment so we tend to plan it thoroughly and thoughtfully, from the destination to the accommodation and what you will do there. Very few people just turn up at the airport and stare at the departure board with no idea of where they are going. So why would you run your business like this?


Create your own map

Business planning is essential to achieve the success you deserve – after all, your business is likely to fund everything you do, including holidays. Do you know where you want your business to go and how you intend to get there? A road map for your business is just as important as a route map for your holiday.


A powerful image

One useful technique to help with business planning is visualisation.  Just imagine what you would like your business to look like in a year’s time, the people you want to work with (your team and clients), where you want it to be based, how you want it to appear to the outside world.  Build a picture in your mind, and then record it in the best method for you.


When you have visualised your future business, take a look at where it is right now. What is the gap between the future and present and what do you need to do to close it? This is the start of your business road map for the coming year. To some this is a daunting process but like most things, it can be broken down into smaller, manageable, less daunting tasks.


No time to plan?

It is well-known amongst successful entrepreneurs that time spent planning is never wasted. Every minute invested in planning will save you 5 minutes – giving you a 500% return on your investment so it really makes sense to plan well.


An outsider’s view

? If you can’t see the wood for the trees and would like some help with your business planning, our team at CRM has a wealth of experience to help you plan for what you really want via our Business Improvement Programme. This helps businesses to plan effectively, make changes, increase profit, manage cashflow and take control of your route to success.


Get in touch with CRM if you need help with planning your route and for more information on the Business Improvement Programme on 01865 379272.


In March 2019, CRM is holding a Business Planning Seminar which will be invaluable to those just starting out or a useful reminder for mature businesses. Full details will be available shortly.


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