Working closely with business owners in the Health and Fitness industry, we are seeing evidence that the numbers for some are positively changing.

They are increasing sales with more focus on innovative activities such as Personal Training and BootCamps. This may not be the brand new, latest, thinking for health and fitness, but it is the innovative ways people are considering their offering and developing their member relationships.

We know that health and fitness goals are much like the general business goals, that we support with our Business Improvement Programme. They are different for different people and are always very personal to an individual. We have always said that our support is like Personal Training, as it provides the one to one support that helps you keep accountable to yourself.

As an example of moving with the times, it was pleasing to hear a business talk positively about those members that drop off and stop attending. Historically, some businesses would have been rubbing their hands in the mindset that they are earning money for doing nothing. We all know this is short term as the member soon realises, cancels and in fact rarely goes back due to the disappointment. Today is much more about the overall experience.

When a business is truly aware of the real numbers that drive their success and are proactive, it can make a big difference. For example, do you measure your visitor engagement or monitor your attendance rates?

If these are low or they indicate individual members have not attended for a while, are you communicating with them or are you in the ‘pleased camp’ of earning money for nothing?

Linking the information from your Key Performance Indicators with what makes you more money, is an example when Health and Fitness businesses are moving with the times. For example, identifying someone who has not been for a period and instigating a proactive, persistent communication to review the underlying reasons with the member can often lead to re-engagement, retention and even an upsell to other areas such as the personal training mentioned to aid their motivation.

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