From statistics shared by the National Sales Executive Association, 48% of people never follow up with a prospective client.

25% of people never make a second contact and 12% of people only make a maximum of 3 contacts and stop.

Your marketing activity is an investment of resources in terms of time and money. However, this statistic shows that many are wasting that investment by giving up too soon on prospects and perhaps assuming the answer is ‘no’.

The research also showed that only 2% of sales are made on the first contact and 80% of sales are made on the fifth to twelfth contact.

So if you are only making contact with your prospects once, then you are potentially leaving 98% of business on the table.

How many propsects are you losing out on because you are giving up too soon?

Don’t say to yourself, like many do, “if only I could have brought more people through the door”, but convert more of your initial conversations or leads that you have already brought through.

One tip: Give your prospective clients the opportunity to actually say yes or no not right now, because if you don’t you are leaving them in a position where they are having to just struggle on with those problems you can solve.

This research was referenced in our recent webinar with Dylis Guyan, which you can watch in full by clicking here or by downloading the transcript

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