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We know the benefits of personal wills – they get the right money to the right people at the right time. But have you done the same for your business?

Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Where would the money come from to buy the shares from a fellow director’s spouse if that director died?
  2. Would the bank lend a business the money if it’s in difficult times – perhaps due to the loss of the director?
  3. Would the spouse get a fair price for the inherited shares?
  4. Would you want the spouse involved in the running of the business?
  5. How would it feel to know that none of the above is a worry to you?

Your Business needs Protection if any of these points apply.

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The world today…

“Only 48% of Small/Medium Businesses have some form of protection for their key employees”*

– Make it your business to drive this figure higher….

– This will benefit you, your business & your key employees…

*Money Marketing article: May 2005

Why Business Protection?

What’s your most valuable company asset?

  • Product?
  • Service?
  • Equipment?

How about your People?

Without “key people” there would be no

product, service or operators for your


Why your business needs to beprotected

  • For key employees
  • For business loans
  • For shareholders or partners

Business planning…

  • Establish the facts!
    • List main assets

Possible assets

  • Equipment
    • Systems
    • Finance (e.g. share price)
    • People
    • Premises
    • Reputation

List main threats

Possible threats

  • Competitor duplication/catch-up
  • Telephone line or power failure
  • Computer virus, stock market crash
  • Sudden loss of a key employee
  • Theft, fire or flood damage
  • Change of owner due to loss of partner

Address any problems

  • Review each area & establish what insurance is in place
  • Are all your assets properly protected?
  • Are you prepared for any possible threats?

Consider the consequences

  • What if a key employee becomes critically ill?
  • What if a partner/shareholder in your business dies?
  • What if a key employee was unable to return to work due to a disability/critical illness?

Select the appropriate cover

  • Identify what/who needs to be covered
  • Attribute value (£) to this cover
  • Discuss with us the correct protection solution for your needs

Implement the protection solution

Once you’ve decided on the type of cover, you then need to make sure the payout from the plan is used correctly. For example:

  • Should a trust be used?
  • Would regular income payments be preferred to a lump sum to help repay company loans/bills?

Get your company protected today!

Important Information

It is important that the tax treatment of company owned key person and share protection plans is confirmed with HM Revenue & Customs. The information in this presentation is based on CRM & AGM’S Independent Financial Advisers Ltd present understanding of current law and HM Revenue & Customs practice and does not constitute legal and/or taxation advice.

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