It is this time of year when many people will be reviewing their business and considering their goals and objectives for 2016.
We encourage our clients to consider the motivation to achieve, as much as having the vision to set the goal in the first place.

At CRM we believe this is one of the fundamental steps in ensuring we help you drive the right numbers for the business success that you desire.

As part of our Business Mentoring Programme, we work with our clients to really understand the business objectives and also the personal goals of the owners. As part of our discussions we strive to truly understand the things you really want to achieve (eg your 3 wishes), identify your challenges and with effective planning what will therefore motivate the activities to drive success.

We pride ourselves on helping our clients to step back from the business, work on the management of the business and ensure the owners are doing the right things for the business and themselves. We will also share with you some tools and thoughts around your time management, so that you maximise the use of every working minute.

Once the goals and objectives have been established, we use a tool called ‘The One Page Plan’ to consider the targets that once achieved will deliver the big picture vision and objective. We encourage a business plan, but this tool captures your proposed plan on one easy to follow page. The additional step of the One Page Plan is to then consider the ‘High Pay Off Activities’ that with focus will deliver the results you require to meet those targets. Therefore in basic terms, we focus on the activities that will deliver your targets and therefore deliver your goal.

Depending on the activities and targets, we then work with our clients to understand the key success drivers and acknowledge how you will measure your progress.

The actual delivery of the High Pay Off Activities is then considered to see how we can help you systemise them into the business or assist your activity focus with our Effective Goal Planning research. The proposed actions from our research have proven to improve the likelihood of success. With our Effective Goal Planning tools, we look at the goal in a SMART way, but also consider your motivation and the likely obstacles that you could face on the way.

One of our clients quoted; “The session helped me to identify my goals, both short term and long term, but more importantly establish some steps to help me get there”

This first step of our Business Improvement programme is a key stage to understand the purpose of your business and how the success will be achieved, whilst identifying those key factors that helps drive your decision making and strategy.

To find out more about how our Business Mentoring Programme can support you, then please contact us on 01865 379272.

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