As part of our Business Improvement Programme and Business Mentoring Programme, one area we explore with our clients is how to make the most of your sales opportunties.

A good sales process will consider the various and personal steps to effectively convert your prospects to customers. From how you set up the meeting, listen and respond, to how you overcome objections, speak with benefits in mind and proactively look to close the sale.

Many businesses place a high level of importance on their marketing and invest time, money or both into their marketing activity to create opportunities. However, a smaller number make the same investment in their sales meetings and therefore perhaps hope that the marketing has previously done enough to convert the buyers interest.

Here are 7 tips to help you convert more of those prospects into paying customers:

  1. Test different approaches with your prospects – what you say, wear, handout, offer or even the time you meet may influence your success
  2. Be honest with yourself. Review your discussions to know why you are not converting
  3. Know your market and demonstrate your awareness to become the ‘go to expert’
  4. Remove the risk to the buyer such as giving a guarantee
  5. Listen to your prospect; match their need with your benefits. Consider the pain for the prospect by not buying from you, or the gain they would experience
  6. How clear is your Unique Selling Point to the buyer. Not just in terms of the message, but how is it important to your propect
  7. Know the influencers of your prospects decision, such as their partner, advisers, employees, existing supplier and online references.
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