1. You will have more profits and cash in the business, that you won’t know what to do with it and it may distract you thinking how to spend it.

2. You will be working less hours and running the business with less effort, so likely to get bored because you are not head down just working hard.

3. You will have a business that is less reliant on you, due to the focused support from your effective team and your systemised processes. As a result, you may feel uncomfortable that you are no longer doing everything.

4. You understand your key performance indicators and the areas you have benchmarked against your competitors. You will then have a business that performs better than your competitors, so will feel embarrassed having one of the best performing businesses in your industry.

5. You will be much closer to your goals then ever before, so if you think you will struggle with then setting new business or personal goals, then perhaps it is not worth achieving any goals in the first place.

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