10 benefits of having systemised processes in your business

“Small businesses don’t work, the people who own them do” Michael Gerber, Author of the E-myth

There are many reasons for having systems in your business. One of the overriding reasons for many business owners is that you able to build your business so that it has the appropriate systems in place to run independently of you and generate the income you need, without you working 24/7.

Here are 10 benefits of having systemised processes in your business:

  1. Put your team in charge – the team run the business to the systems, take responsibility for their improvement and delivery,
  2. Free up your time – and give your life back – no longer is everything down to you or on your shoulders, thereby creating a business that can run like clockwork without your complete involvement.
  3. Step back & work ‘on’ the business – Creates the time for you to more proactively work on the business and the whole business, not just the area you are sucked into each day.
  4. Test new ideas – and improve everything around you – Creates a view of the overall business and how interlinked different areas are and how each can be improved.
  5. Do everything the best way – the systems establish best practice now and a culture of continuous marginal gains with improvement.
  6. Help induct new people to get up to speed quickly – the system documents what has to be done, so learning the system needs less involvement, supervision and control. It can be said, that you simply manage the persons ability to follow the system.
  7. Replicate and grow – You create a framework that can be lifted and replicates in other departments or locations. Quite often, some systems are transferable across different businesses.
  8. Minimise costs due to manual errors & inefficiency – Over time, the system is working at its best and ironed out any issues. You become even more profitable due to those hidden costs related to repetition or inefficiency.
  9. Attract a buyer – consider for yourself. Would you prefer to invest in a business that works independently of the business owner or one where you would have to work hard for the same return?
  10. Increase the value of your business – Many commentators and evidence indicates that a systems based business will always command a higher value.

Systemisation is just one of the topics we cover on our Business Improvement Programme. Our next programme starts soon.

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