All businesses need to manage organisational change – whether that’s strategic, people-focussed or structural – but identifying the need for change and being able to successfully make those changes do not necessarily go hand in hand.

Organisational changes have a significant impact on a business so planning what changes you need to make and how to make them is vital to a successful outcome. Although change can be unsettling and challenging for a business, it is also a major opportunity for growth and improvement. It can be extremely helpful to bring in outside business mentoring and guidance to give an added layer of assistance through times of change.

The CRM 8 Step Business Improvement Programme is a route to access experienced business guidance through eight clear steps within a solid accounting framework. ‘Making the numbers work’ is always our primary focus, but we developed the 8 Step Business Improvement Programme to guide and mentor business owners and managers who want to take control of their future performance and results.

Some types of organisational change is reactive, such as the need to replace a key member of staff, whilst others are more proactive, like introducing a new computer system or board structure. There is a sliding scale of impactful change, from adaptive, more modest change to huge transformational change. Smaller changes and modifications fine turn your business and cause less disruption, such as upgrading an IT system.

Strategic Transformational Change

These are large scale with a wide scope. A change of strategy, your company’s mission, team structure or fundamental processes are all transformational and need time and effort to bring about. This type of change is often required as a response to external influences like the recent COVID pandemic or a new competitor in the market.

Why managing change is so important

Transformational change can be expensive and disruptive if not managed correctly. Employee morale is often adversely affected by large changes and it is essential that employees understand and buy-in to the change to make it work.

Create a roadmap that effectively communicates the details of the change – why it’s important and how it will help the business to grow – will help the change to be better supported and implemented. The process of change should be carefully managed, with incremental goals set and measured throughout.

Change is never easy to implement or adapt to but with careful planning and some additional support, change can have a positive impact on the course of your business. If you need help to manage organisational change in your business, the CRM 8 Step Business Improvement Programme could be exactly what you need. For more information, check out the website or call the team on 01865 379272.

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