In a recent article written for B4 Magazine, the publication for the B4 business community, CRM Managing Director Tony Hobbs highlighted the three main areas that can help businesses go from good to great. Here are the key points from the article:



The first factor that can take your business to the next level is leadership – not necessarily one high-profile individual at the top of the organisation but a structured level of hierarchy that people move through to achieve the ambitions of the company.


The systems must be in place to recognise and develop the talent and put the right person in the right position. Leaders who rise up through the ranks will show personal ambition but mainly have the company’s goals as their driver.



With the correct people in the right roles within your management team, they need to know which direction the business is taking. Without a clear strategic plan to follow, no company can make the leap from good to great. A good business plan will cover the next 12 months in detail as part of a rolling five-year plan which can be continually updated using actual results.


Assessing where your company is placed now compared to where you want to be is a vital part of your business planning and needs to be carried out with an honest and critical eye. Hiding issues rather than confronting them will only delay your success.



If your business doesn’t run on efficient, well-mapped systems, it will be impossible to move from good to great. Great companies use technology to support their systems but aren’t obsessed with using the latest trendy tech – looking for the best solution for their needs instead. Technology accelerates momentum rather than creating it.


When systems are used correctly, your company has less reliance on individuals which reduces the risk of performance issues when they’re not available. Efficient systems also free up management team time to focus on strategy and growth instead of day-to-day operations.


If you can get the essential basics of Leadership, Planning and Systemisation correctly working within your business, you have a real chance of taking your company from good to great.


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