Regardless of how careful you are with your tax affairs, HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) can randomly select you for a tax enquiry. You’ll be responsible for proving your innocence or agreeing to the Tax Inspector’s demands. Unfortunately, your defence will often come at a significant cost in terms of time and money – even a basic tax enquiry can cost you several thousands of pounds and typically last up to 19 months.

Our Tax Investigations Service will provide you with full, expert representation from our experienced team to handle HMRC on your behalf and negotiate the best possible result for you. For only a small annual fee, you’ll get an outstanding level of protection and complete peace of mind, knowing that you will benefit from a full defence at no additional cost.

This means that you are not forced to choose between paying a tax demand you do not agree with, or incurring significant defence costs which are not reimbursed by HMRC even if their enquiries are resolved with no amendment to your tax position whatsoever.

The tax authorities have been tasked to rake in huge sums of money for the Exchequer and innocent taxpayers are being caught in the crossfire. Please remember that:

  • You can be randomly selected for an enquiry
  • Accountancy fees can easily run to thousands of pounds to handle this specialist work
  • Professional representation is vital to ensure you only pay the right (minimum!) amount of tax
  • Without this service, you will be responsible for all costs for your defence

In addition to random enquiries, over the past 2 years, HMRC has begun targetting specific trades and professions in order to increase the tax take – Hospital Consultants, Plumbers, Vets, Cash Trades and non-business tax return filers have all been identified as target groups by the taxman.

Businesses which are not VAT registered, personal tutors and people selling goods on websites such as e-bay have already been announced as amongst the next targets in addition to the above, and we don’t know who else is in their sights.  We strongly encourage you to subscribe to our Tax Investigations Service today to make sure you’re fully protected.

To find out more, or to subscribe, please contact Alan Sowden on 01865 379272 or send him an e-mail.

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