Whilst recently working with one of my clients, who specialises in Bookkeeping Services for Personal Trainers, it made me think about the synergy between PT’s and Mentors for Business.

In reality, both are working on fitness. A Personal Trainer is looking at the fitness of the body, whilst a Business Mentor is looking at the fitness of your business.

Quite often those that are honest and acknowledge that they need support, turn to a Personal Trainer or a Business Mentor to help make it happen and be kept accountable for the commitments they have made to themselves. Both are also experts in their fields and know what has worked for themselves as well as other clients in the past. Although the programme will be personalised to you, it is unlikely they will reinvent the wheel or get you to try something untested. For example, a personal trainer would not get you to undertake an exercise that was not working towards your goal. Likewise, a Business Mentor will keep you focused on your high pay off activities to make your goals come to fruition.

It is unlikely that a Personal Trainer would just concentrate on building the muscle in the right arm and will take a more holistic approach to the training and needs of their client. Likewise a Business Mentor will consider the big picture, to avoid overall failure, even if asked to concentrate on one area of the business such as the marketing. For example, the Business Mentor will help you work on the business area, the marketing, and also consider the sales funnel to manage the enquires likely to be generated, plus the operational excellence and customer service that ensures you deliver the promise made in that marketing.

The other similarity is the commitment by the client. A client of a Personal Trainer normally commits for a number of sessions as they know that things won’t change with a one off session. If you commit to a number of sessions with a Personal Trainer, then the learning becomes a habit, you probably attend the gym more often and you work on what you have learnt whether that is a training programme, nutrition or mindset. Surely this is also true for a Business Mentor, where again creating the right habits of working on your high pay off activities can only be a positive and more likely these are created from a series of sessions rather than a one off.

Keep you and your business fit into 2017.


Mike Foster, Commercial Director, Chapman Robinson & Moore

Our Business Mentoring Programme integrates our compliance support (your accounts and tax return/s) with our advisory services.

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