Our Business Mentoring Programme is your performance measurement and improvement system

This gives you many of the things you need to run a more successful business, get a better work life balance, have less stress because everything is more under control, earn more money, pay less tax, and become wealthier.

At the heart of your performance measurement and improvement system is your programme binder that explains each step in the process and gives you a central place to store your key documents.  Here are just some of the key things we will do for you:

Personal and business goal setting

We will use the latest goal setting tools and processes to help you to identify, articulate and fully understand your personal and business goals. And we will then help you put your goals at the heart of all your decision-making and action planning. As a result everything you do will move you towards achieving your goals.

If you want, we can also use our knowledge of your business, and our experience of working with hundreds of other businesses, to help you convert your goals into a powerful business plan. A business plan that provides a blueprint for how your business is going to get to where you want it to be over the next few years.

One page benchmarking report

This powerful one page report will:

  • Compare your business to others in your industry, across 19 key performance measures
  • Present those comparisons as both numbers and as colourful graphs
  • Analyse where your strengths and weaknesses are compared to the rest of your industry
  • Suggest an initial action plan for improving your performance in each of those key areas
  • Calculate precisely how much extra in sales, profits and cash those improvements could generate for you over the next 12 months can produce

As a resullt it will help you to:

  • Discover where to focus your efforts
  • Create an action plan for reclaiming your missing profits
  • Become more successful and profitable

Personal Balance Sheet spreadsheet

We will give you a deceptively simple, yet profoundly important, Personal Balance Sheet spreadsheet that:

  • Provides the starting point for you and your family’s financial, wealth and retirement plans
  • Allows you to monitor your progress towards achieving those plans, replacing guesswork with fact.
  • Where necessary provides a wake up call about what needs to be done to make your plans achievable.
  • Makes it easier to identify how much inheritance tax you might eventually be liable for, and how you can reduce or eliminate it.
  • Also makes it easier for your family/executor/attorney to identify and deal with your estate should you either die or become incapacitated – greatly reducing the stress you cause your family at such an exceptionally difficult time.

Other things we will do for you

Creating a more valuable business with systems

Written systems are the key to building a business which is more valuable and more saleable.  Not only that, they enable the business to run on auto-pilot freeing up the business owners and giving you a better work-life balance.

Annual key improvement possibility report

Every year we will carry out a diagnostic review of your business and personal affairs to identify additional strategies that could add a significant amount of money to your business and/or personal bank accounts.

And we will present our findings and recommendations in a Key Improvement Possibilities report.

So you be able to refer back to, and take action on, our key advice whenever the time is right for you.

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