At CRM, we think it is important to support our clients in so much more than their accounting. When Hayley Monks, managing director of Think Inspire & Create Ltd approached CRM MD Tony Hobbs with a new business proposition, he gladly offered his business guidance and assistance to develop the idea and endorse the innovative programme which she launched recently. Read on to find out more about Hayley Monks’ exciting new all-round management training for leaders of the future.


The 360 Degree Manager is a purpose built, flexible management training resource designed by experienced operational and people leaders with over 100 years of team management experience. Hayley explains: “In the past, management has often been seen as a top down role – and even in today’s modern workplace we see lots of evidence of the ‘peter principle’ – people promoted one level beyond their scope of expertise.”


Training managers to be effective takes time and money so Hayley developed the 360 Degree Manager programme to tackle this issue.


The focus of the programme is to break down the full 360-degree experience of being a manager into easy, bite size chunks, delivered in a variety of flexible ways. Learners experience a mix of face to face training sessions, online e-courses and top-ups, recommended reading lists, bite size ‘excerpts’ and daily tasks to create a holistic 360-degree programme that suits all learning styles. Supported by an Artificially Intelligent learning platform that acts as a personal 1:1 coach, ensures that managers learn, retain and keep the course content front of mind, positioning them in the best possible place to act upon what you have learnt.


CRM highly recommends the 360 Degree Manager training programme for the managers in your organisation or for yourself. It is a comprehensive programme offered by true experts in the field of management development.


If you’d like to find out more about it, visit the Think Inspire & Create website at //

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