British workers no longer have their best ideas while sitting in the boardroom according to a new poll of office workers, as part of a survey, commissioned by Crown Workplace Relocations.

The poll found that casual chit chat is what inspires the majority. The top spots for light bulb moments were:

  1. Chatting informally with colleagues (35%)
  2. At my desk (31%)
  3. On the commute (20%)
  4. At lunchtime or when having a break (15%)
  5. Walking around the office (14%)
  6. I do not tend to have business ideas at work (11%)
  7. First thing in the morning (11%)
  8. In bed (9%)
  9. In the shower (9%)
  10. In the boardroom (8%)

So what are you doing in your business to create the environment for such inspiration?

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