A common theme for clients utilising the support of our Business Mentoring Programme is to consider the exit or sale of their business at some point in the future.

So as part of the proven 8 step support such as the planning, forecasting, measuring and improvement plan, we work together to make the numbers work. This plan works towards both a desired valuation and also positions the business to attract the right buyer.

So is your business ready for sale or will it be when you are ready to exit? Here are some points for consideration:

  • Does the business demontrate a clear understanding of its markets and its position in them?
  • Is there a strong or expanding market?
  • Doe the owners and manager have / share a clear and proven strategy and vision to attarct the market?
  • Does the business have a distinctive identity with clear advantages over its competitor products and services?
  • Is the business model scaleable?
  • Is there a high barrier to entry for the marketplace?
  • Does the business deminstrate an effective and proven sales “machine”?
  • Is there operational excellence ensuring good product or service delivery?
  • Do the forecasts show a positive, predictable and growing profit and cashflow, plus a clean balance sheet?
  • Are there positive repeat revenue channels?
  • Is the business revenue not reliant on a small number of large customers?
  • Do the management team and/or board have access to good, timely, relevant management information?
  • Is the business welll structured with a strong leadership and management team?
  • Has the business been built around systems and processes rather than people?
  • Is there a low dependence on the owners for business performance and client loyalty?
  • Is there a history of low staff turnover


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