The organisers of this year’s Business in Oxford (BIO2020) achieved the herculean task of moving the annual event to an online platform on 2nd – 4th June. With over 90 speakers and 400 delegates enjoying three days of great business content, there was a strong sense of community and support.

Tony Hobbs, CRM’s Managing Director, hosted a webinar on day one of the event entitled ‘Do you measure up? How to use your business KPIs’, which looked at proactive decision making based on important key performance indicators. Many businesses religiously set and record KPIs but in the webinar, Tony asked how is this powerful data used properly to achieve business goals? The session was useful and thought-provoking for the delegates.

Tony’s ‘appearance’ at BIO2020 followed his latest article for B4, the Magazine for the business networking organisation. Entitled ‘Is a Good Business Good for Business?’, the article explores the theme of responsible business and if it’s possible to run your business for the greater good whilst maintaining a profitable business.

Tony advises that having a focussed strategy with strong values reflected in your business plan is the framework for a good business. Taking into account the needs of customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders and the community is not mutually exclusive to this process and delivers on all fronts in the long term.

A good business certainly can be good for all. Read the complete article here.

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