Under new immigration rules taking effect from February 2008, employers who hire illegal workers will face the possibility of a fine of up to £10,000 for each such worker. The amount of the fine will depend on factors such as the thoroughness of the identification checks carried out and whether the employer has received any penalties or warnings in the previous 3 years

Employers who knowingly hire illegal workers will face the possibility of an unlimited fine and prison sentence

Currently, employers who do not know that an employee is not entitled to work and who comply with certain provisions, e.g. checking workers’ documents before and during employment, may be excused any penalty as long as they did not know the employment was unlawful

Following the admission of Bulgaria and Romania on 1st January 2007, nationals of these countries have restricted rights to UK labour market.

For guidance on what procedures you should follow in your recruitment procedures to help protect you from prosecution, please click here to visit the Business Link webpage on employing migrant workers.

For up to date rules you should consult the Border & Immigration Agency website.

Please note that you should apply the same procedures to all potential employees regardless of ethnic origin or apparent nationality to help protect yourself from allegations of racial discrimination.

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