If you’ve been following our series of articles on Business Improvement, you’ll know that we’ve reached the last step: Improve.


It’s the time when all the hard work of planning, measuring, reviewing, evaluating, comparing, valuing and analysing culminates in the key step of creating a business performance improvement plan. This plan of action moves your business forward by putting changes in place and acts as a management tool for future referral.


Forming a business performance improvement plan is similar to the process for creating your business plan at the very start of your business. But with the analysis and measurements you’ve been able to collect, you’re now working in concrete realities rather than assumptions.


Identifying the changes that need to be made in order to improve your business is a big step but actually carrying out those changes with the buy-in and support of your employees, customers and suppliers can be even more challenging.


It makes sense to follow the tried and tested method of ‘plan, do, check and act’, ie. Make a plan, follow the plan, check on the plan and implement the plan. This is a great mantra to take on and good business owners know that continually checking and tweaking the business improvement plan helps them to get the best results from the business.


Producing a meaningful business improvement plan is the natural progression from the previous seven steps in the CRM Business Improvement Programme. Following all eight steps will give you the best data and analysis of what has gone before, what your competitors are doing and what value there is in your business, allowing you to identify exactly where improvements can be made and how to carry them out.


Bringing in an outside voice of expertise, like the trusted advisors at CRM, helps to move your business improvement plan forward where there are sometimes barriers to change. Working with CRM will help you to identify the actions required with the relevant responsibilities and accountabilities.


Through the 8 Step Business Improvement Programme, your tailored plan can bring about changes to your profit margins, reduce your stress whilst retaining control and develop a succession plan or create value for potential buyers.


If you’d like to find out more about the CRM 8 Step Business Improvement Programme, check out the website or call the team on 01865 379272.

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