Our Construction clients see Q4 growth to end 2016

Many of our clients in the construction industry have seen an upturn and growth in the last quarter of 2016.

As Accounting Specialists supporting this industry, we enjoy working with construction businesses to help them make the numbers work.

During our Q4 discussions and performance analysis, our clients have reported a positive period and are optimisitc about the level of work in 2017.

The main two reasons highlighted for the performance growth were:

1. There is currently more construction work available for subcontracting. There appears substantial developments in the South East. Our clients are seeing greater opportunities to subcontract their workforce, especially for commercial projects in or around London. Additionally, the growth of new housing developments, being released by private new home developers, continued in Q4 and again provided subcontracting opportunities. 

2. There is more land available for small private housing developments and commercial projects. We support a number of small housing developers, who have found pockets of land with relevant planning permission easier to come by in the latter part of 2016. This is perhaps linked to a more relaxed approach by the planning authorities, which has therefore seen new plots become available. Locally, we have also seen the development or redevelopment of new commercial premises. Again, with the introduction of the Enterprise Zone, the previous planning obstacles have been relaxed to enable new projects to progress.


If you have also seen growth in the construction industry during Q4 of 2016, then please share your thoughts with us.


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