How the CRM Business Improvement Programme helped my business

Each year we run the Business Improvement Programme for a small group of six, non-competing businesses and once again, this autumn, we will be launching our next programme.

The Business Improvement Programme is a six month programme that includes workshops and 1:2:1 telephone calls to support the development of your business. Here at CRM, we are passionate about helping you to make the numbers work in your business, for your success. This specific programme explores the key areas of business growth and improvement, not just the numbers.

Here are a couple of quotes, from past attendees, showing how the programme helped them: 

"I was able to identify how the business would become less reliant on me"

"Every week of the course, we have learnt the solid foundations required"

"Picked up very valuable information that will be with me for many years to come"

"Very enjoyable, very educational"

"It was good to share the six months with other business owners in a similar position to myself"

"It has taken me out of the business to work on it, rather than in it"

"Great tool to discuss situations with experience of other business leaders to help make decisions"

"Helped me make important decisions for my business"

"Great value for money" 


You can hear what 3 of our clients from the last programme have to say by visiting our YouTube channel at

For more details, please see our web page or if you would like to discuss the programme further, then please do not hesitate to contact us.