CRM team up with Everyman Legal & Natwest to offer a Succession Planning Workshop

Here at CRM, we are passionate about supporting you to achieve your business and personal goals. One goal that is often forgotten, until it is too late, is the consideration as to how you will exit your business.

So we have designed a Succession Planning Workshop, in partnership with Everyman Legal and Natwest, which we are running in Oxford on 10th May.

This will be a free, informative and practical event for business owners looking to exit their business within the next 10 years.


As business owners we all have something in common: we have to accept that we cannot run our businesses forever. What do you want for yourself and your business? Have you considered all the options? Will your business be ready to enable your departure when the time comes?

This workshop is an invaluable opportunity for you to hear from leading professionals. To save you time, we are bringing together experts in this field to answer your questions. You will also have the opportunity to hear from other owner-managers who have dealt with or are currently dealing with the very issues you are likely to be facing.


As you have probably not retired before, it is wise to get as much professional advice and information as possible in the early stages.

A workshop is more informal than a traditional seminar. Less time is devoted to presentations and theory in favour of an interactive event.


  • Common mistakes and pitfalls
  • The importance of planning and timing
  • Practical tax planning tips
  • Developing a practical plan that meets your personal goals and objectives
  • Becoming an investor in your own business
  • Designing effective share incentives
  • Dealing with the complications of owners of different ages and lifestyles
  • Preparing your business for your retirement or sale
  • Recruiting with a sale or management buy-out in mind
  • Choosing your advisory team and a lead adviser
  • What shrewd investors and buyers look for in any business
  • Managing ownership transition in a family business
  • Psychological traps and how to avoid them

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