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Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Common things to think about when using subcontractors and the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS):

  • Verifying subcontractors- you need to check that the subcontractor is registered with HM Revenue & Customs.
  • Appropriate deductions- subcontractors can have different tax statuses, meaning deductions may have to be made from their pay.
  • Returns- every month, contractors must send HM Revenue & Customs details of the subcontractors they have used.
  • Payments- each month/ quarter, contractors must make a payment to HM Revenue & Customs for the deductions they have made from subcontractors.

Key tips:

  • Keep your business receipts- ensures that you account for all expenses incurred to help reduce your tax bill.
  • Invest in assets- equipment used within the business for more than one year can qualify for 100% deductions for tax purposes.
  • Keep mileage records- ensures that you claim the maximum amount of costs allowable for travelling between clients.

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