18 months later…..

For this recent article, we revisited the specific outcomes with some of our clients that joined our Business Improvement Programme and attended the workshops in 2013/14.

Our first client to mention has felt inspired by proactivity and in his own words says: “Before the programme on reflection I just expected the business to happen. The day to day operations just happened and the marketing just happened. However, I quickly realised that this just happened and was by no means effective. So, today I am proactive towards my marketing and the systemisation of my processes. It has made a huge difference to the business”.

One of our client actually downsized. Before the programme they had a business with high turnover but low profit. Since the programme and downsizing the team, the business is much more profitable and generating the cash that is now providing the business owners with choices rather than ‘have to do’ activities.

Another client reflected on the time he dedicated to work on the business during the programme and has since decided to continue booking out a Friday morning per month to work on the business strategically.

Other positive outcomes were around individual clients since identifying their role in the business and making changes to work to their strengths. One client knows his strength is client relationships, so has built a team of technicians around him to deliver the day to day operations.

Another client, has since outsourced or recruited support to their role as the leader and strategic thinker. Although they are still ‘hands on’ they are no longer doing the HR, operations, H&S etc and just overseeing the productivity and effectiveness of the new management team.

We are delighted to hear the impact the programme is having on our clients. If you would like to discuss how the Business Improvement Programme could help your business, then please contact us for a no obligation conversation.

A reminder that our Business Improvement Programme is offered with a 100% guarantee